A penile implant is a prosthesis that can help a man achieve and sustain an erection for improved sexual performance and satisfaction. You may qualify for a penile implant if you suffer from erectile dysfunction and have not been able to successfully treat your condition with other therapies, such as oral medications and intracavernous injection therapy. You may also opt for a penile implant if you are not a good candidate for other treatments, such as penile arterial revascularization or venous ligation surgery. Penile implants offer many advantages for patients. These include:

  • Improved sexual function: 93 percent of men with penile prostheses report satisfaction with their implants and sexual intercourse.
  • The ability to achieve and maintain an erection at any time, for as long as desired.
  • A natural appearance and sensation.
  • Financial savings: On the whole, penile implant surgery is a lower-cost option when compared to short-term solutions such as injections and oral medications.

This prosthesis may not only restore your sexual function, but also improve your self-confidence and overall quality of life. If you would like to learn more about penile implants and find out whether this treatment is appropriate for you, schedule a private consultation today. Men’s Health Georgia has been given the distinction by Coloplast as the only Center of Excellence in all of Georgia.

Penile Implant

The Titan Touch® and Titan® OTR inflatable penile implanttitan touch

The Titan Touch inflatable penile implant offers a dependable method of restoring sexual function.

  • It is the result of advanced engineering and medical research designed with your needs in mind
  • It offers hope to many men with E.D.
  • It provides an option where other treatments are not appropriate or have failed

Patient satisfaction rates

  • 93.8% of patients were moderately or completely satisfied with their penile implant choice, far outpacing satisfaction levels for Viagra (51.6%) or injection therapy (40.9%).

 Mechanical reliability rates

  •  Recent studies show the Coloplast Alpha 1 and Titan to have mechanical reliability rates of 97.5% after five years on first time implants .


  •  When implanted, the Coloplast Titan penile implant is not visibly noticeable. The penis appears relaxed and normal in the flaccid state, and it is not obvious by looking at a man that he has an implant.

Lifetime replacement policy

  • Coloplast provides a lifetime replacement policy with all of its penile implants. Coloplast will replace the inflatable implant, or any component, for any reason during the lifetime of the patient.

Titan Video


The Genesis™ flexible rod penile implantpenileplant

Both enable men with erectile dysfunction to have a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse and to experience the joys of sex again. You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before your surgery, unless you have another medical problem that affects it. Consult your physician about this. The primary difference between the two implant types is that flexible rod implants (the Genesis) produce a permanently firm penis, while the inflatable implants (the Titan) produce a controlled, more natural erection.

Patient Information

Penile Implant Checklist 

Penile Implant Post-Op Instructions

Advanced Urology is versed in all 3 (scrotal, infrapubic, and subcoronal) approaches and uses a modified no-touch technique. Our surgical approach has many benefits including less pain, quicker recovery, earlier implant use, and smaller scar.

Penile Implant Pre-Op Checklist


Penile Implant Recovery Instructions

 Living with an Implant (From a real patient)

How To Inflate/Deflate

Coloplast Titan Touch Patient Demonstration Video (Review Version 021417) 720p


Penile Enhancement

In patients requiring implantation of a penile prosthesis many report that their prosthetic erection is shorter than their former natural erection. Additionally, apparent loss of length occurs in many men as a consequence of weight gain in which the penis is buried under excess skin. Different strategies have been implemented in order to increase phallic length. We utilize four surgical approaches to improve phallic length. These include ventral phalloplasty, augmentation corporoplasty, suprapubic lipectomy, and suspensory ligament release. Through these procedures, it is possible to maximize the size during the penile prosthesis surgery.

  • Ventral Phalloplasty is a simple and safe procedure that can enhance perception of penile length. It involves the release of the penoscrotal web. More than 80% of patients report some increased degree of phallic length.
  • Augmentation Corporoplasty is commonly used in the setting of Peyronie’s disease but can also be helpful in the setting of penile prosthesis placement. This involves modulating the tunica albuginea, the fibrous envelope of the penis.
  • Suprapubic Lipectomy is a technique that can give the obese patient an improved sex life. The suprapubic fat is excised with release of the suspensory ligament of the penis.
  • Suspensory Ligament Release permits the penis to drop into a more dependent position giving the patient a perceived gain in phallic length. On average, this technique adds 1 cm of penile length.



Will the implant affect penis size?

Neither of the penile implant options utilized is intended to increase the length or girth of the penis. Careful measurements will be taken at the onset of surgery. The implants come in many different sizes and we will choose the size that most corresponds to the length that is determined by a penile stretch test. Some patients may experience a slight decrease in penile length.

What are the benefits of the minimally invasive penile implant surgery?

There is less surgery involved, which equates to a faster recovery time – most patients can resume normal sexual activity within 4 to 6 weeks.

Are the implants discreet?

Yes. They are concealed completely within the penis and scrotum. The small scars left behind from the penile implant surgery will be covered by the natural regrowth of hair and should not be visible to the naked eye.

Are the penile implants covered by insurance?

Generally, most insurances will cover penile implant surgery.

Can I have an orgasm with a penile implant?

You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before your procedure. Consult your physician about your expected outcome.

Will anyone notice that I have an implant?

Since the implant is completely placed inside your body, no one will see the implant. In fact, no one will know unless you tell them.

Will I be able to have spontaneous erections with a penile implant?

No. In order to place the implant in the body, the corpora containing the spongy tissue is removed to make room for the cylinders. If you are still able to have erections on your own, which are satisfactory for intercourse, you should consider very carefully whether or not an implant is the right fix for you.

Are there risks associated with the penile implant?

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with the penile implant procedure including pain, anesthesia reactions, repeat surgery due to infections, damage to surrounding tissues, or mechanical problems with the device.

Can I have an MRI with a penile implant?

Yes, but it is conditional. Must have a static magnetic field of 3 Tesla or less, spatial gradient field of 720 Gauss/cm or less, and maximum whole-body-averaged specification absorption rate (SAR) of 3 W/kg for 15 minutes of scanning produced a temperature rise of less that 0.5 Celsius.

What makes the Genesis® and Titan® Touch different?

Both implants provide you with the capability of having an erection satisfactory for intercourse. The main difference is that the Genesis penile implant is a malleable implant consisting of 2 rods that are placed in the corpora cavernosa. There are no further parts to this implant. To have an erection, you only need to hold the penis and move it into the desired position. When you are finished you return the penis to the previous position. With the Titan Touch penile implant, you inflate the cylinders by pressing the pump bulb in the scrotum. You can control the firmness by pumping until you are satisfied with the erection.


Recovering from Penile Implant Surgery

Concierge Care

We have patients that come from all around the world for penile implant surgery. This travel guide contains pertinent information to help facilitate scheduling while you are here for your surgery.

Places to Stay

We have a group rate at The Embassy Suites Sugarloaf for $139/night. Rooms are all two-room suites and include a breakfast buffet and evening buffet with bar. Ask for the Advanced Urology Rate when calling or enter the following Corporate ID for online booking:


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We have a second group rate at Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta for $99/night. Rate includes one adult breakfast buffet, gratuity not included. Call to reserve and ask for the Advanced Urology corporate rate.

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Other hotels in the area include:

Residence Inn Atlanta NE/Duluth Sugarloaf 1940 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30097

Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta NE/Gwinnett Sugarloaf 2040 Sugarloaf Circle, Duluth, GA 30097

Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta North/Johns Creek 11695 Medlock Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA 30097

Hyatt Place Atlanta/Duluth/Johns Creek 11505 Medlock Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA 30097


Things to Do

  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Coca Cola Museum
  • Stone Mountain Park
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Lake Lanier Islands



  • Frankie’s The Steakhouse
  • Pampas Steakhouse
  • Uncle Jack’s Meat House
  • Stoney River Steakhouse
  • Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano
  • Mavericks Cantina
  • Marlow’s Tavern


Planning Your Trip

Day 1: Arrival. Enjoy Atlanta.

Day 2:  Consultation with one of Advanced Urology Physicians. Flexible Cystoscopy procedure.

Day 3:  Surgery in Surgery Center.

Day 4:  Follow-up in Clinic with your Advanced Urology Physicians.

Day 5:  Departure.

**Please note that surgery days are currently on Mondays. And, insurance prior-authorization may delay the above schedule. Please understand that this is a proposed schedule and may vary by patient.**

Skype or Follow-up in 2 weeks.

Use device in 4-6 weeks.

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