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What our patients tell us

“More than a good doctor, I value the fact that you were a good listener. More than being just professionals, I value the fact that your staff’s attitude was exceptional… especially with my sense of humor! My worst nightmares eventually morphed into a dream of recovery, all thanks to a wonderful team that forever changed my quality of life. Thank you Dr Bhalani and everyone! I certainly vouch that your abilities and professionalism are unmatched. ”

Dale S.

“As a fellow healthcare provider, I either know or know people who know most of the providers in my area. I chose to trust Dr. Prabharasuth and his staff with mine and my family’s Urological needs.”

R. Hicks

If you are reading this regarding Advanced Urology and Dr. Patel, you are one lucky person. I will confine my comments to those who are facing prostate gland issues and decisions. I had a radical prostatectomy on August 31, 2016.

I found Advanced Urology three years by doing a simple Google search when told by my primary care physician that my PSA values were climbing and he felt a nodule on my prostate gland. That was my lucky day.

A biopsy at Advanced Urology revealed that I had cancer, but given the limited number of affected sectors and Gleason score, Dr. Patel felt that a period of “watchful waiting” was justified. In other words, he did not “jump to the knife” conclusion. I was 69 at the time.

Fast forward three years: The number of affected sectors increased as well as the Gleason score. Dr. Patel calmly took me through the treatment options, pros and cons and said he would support my decision. At the same time, he was not reluctant to give me his recommendation that would give me the lowest risk possible, factoring in my good health and my age. I will emphasize that he did not “sugarcoat” the side effects of all options.

I made my decision based on my medical test results, his highly understandable interpretation of those results and his reputation as a preeminent Urologist and a highly skilled surgeon, especially using the robotic technology. According to the pathology report, the cancer was confined to the prostate gland. Therefore, I strongly feel his advice was sound and will always be grateful to him for leading me through a decision making process that lead to the current lowest risk scenario.

The side effects are not pleasant: Such is life.

To all of you going down this road, I have nothing but the highest regard for his knowledge, skill and ability to communicate with a patient. I am highly confident with his recommendation and my decision to use his practice. Without question, he has the most efficient, caring medical practice I have ever seen.

To reiterate and emphasize again, if you are reading this, YOU ARE ONE LUCKY PERSON. Best of luck to you!”

J. Kohler

“After months of self-treatment using a catheter for my only means to void, I turned to my Urologist, Dr. Jitesh Patel for help. In previous visits I had found him and his staff caring and thorough in meeting my needs. Having suffered septic shock from severe urinary infection, I knew that it was time for prostate surgery. My options were explained. I chose the TURP procedure. Dr. Patel did my surgery with excellent results. A month post-surgery, I can void normally without any problems.”


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