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Men’s Health Georgia is a world class men’s health clinic. We are here to help you restore a fantastic, enjoyable, and youthful sex life. We have state of the art technology and therapies that can help you in just one visit, guaranteed! We accept all major insurances for your convenience.

How to find us

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1555 Janmar Rd, Snellville, GA 30078

What our patients tell us

“For a first-time, practically drop-in patient, I was thoroughly impressed with what turned out to be a two-hour-long appointment. From the moment I was ushered into the exam room, I knew I was in good hands–from a lengthy interview about my overall health to several tests conducted on the spot to a physician who took time to discuss my symptoms and probable causes and to draw diagrams on a white board for my understanding. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a physician and his staff. I could not be more satisfied.”

Matt M.

“This was an appointment I did not want to make! The idea of male urology problems and testing seems scary however I was put at ease after my first appointment with Dr. Patel and have scheduled an in office procedure as well to correct the problem. Staff, Office and Dr. were all top notch and I was willing to drive 75 minutes from my home to see Dr.Patel based not on my family Dr referral but on all the glowing ratings on all the Medical websites. In my opinion I would tell anyone who is a Male and has fear of Urology to see this Dr. even if they had to fly in from another city!”

J. Silverman

“I want to express my thanks to Dr. Patel and Staff for the care and dedication. I had a male issue and had been seeing another Urologist for a long time but was never able to resolve my issue. After visiting the office I was given the attention I was needing for a long time. I want to thank Dr. Patel and the staff for the excellent procedures done and the attention I received each time I go to the office. Thank you.”

L. Aguirre

“I am most impressed with Dr. Patel and his quality staff. It’s really a team effort they provide for your healthcare. When you call during the day, they respond quickly to answer your questions and the same at night or on the weekends (which I did). They also take time to answer all your questions and you don’t feel rushed at all. The nursing staff at the hospital is also impressed with Dr. Patel and his team which I felt added to the care experience there. I highly recommend Advanced Urology. With other quality healthcare facilities in the Atlanta area, I felt that I was lucky to find them here in Snellville. It feels more like a family atmosphere than a doctor’s office.”

M. Reed

“Was just reflecting on how grateful I am to be alive celebrating Christmas this year. The 1st Healthy, Cancer Free, Christmas in 3 years… All THANKS => to Dr Patel & Everyone @ Advanced Urology. Thank-You for saving my Life (twice), comfortably using cutting edge technology to its fullest and I really appreciate the upbeat attitude that every single person at Advanced Urology has when dealing with patients such as myself. I have never been to any doctor who takes time to talk & listen to a patient – then clearly explaining the options available… Thanks Again.”

K. Sentell

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